Odoo Customization

Make your ERP proper with Odoo Customization service

Following process of Odoo Customization

1. Collect information & GAP Analysis

According to your need, we schedule a meeting with our team to collect the information about your demand and need. And according to your requirement, we analyze the GAP between your requirement and our available odoo features.

2. Realistic study and Estimation

Feasibility and realistic study on your requirement and according to that modification of odoo features. According to that we estimation of cost and time and implementation after your agreement.

3. Development

We wait for your approval and after we proceed further. Development is an important step because here we develop odoo according to your need and requirement with the assurance of high standards.

4. Proper Delivery

We deliver the odoo module before, we testing the modules for undertaken to estimate the reliability. Which gives the result about the module that it is realistic or not, and after the confirmation, we deliver the module.