Odoo eCommerce
Make the best Online shopping page with Odoo

Odoo eCommerce

Online shopping sites are the most in use in present days, so let's learn to make one with Odoo

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Reach the world market by uploading your products to your own E-commerce site.

Odoo an open-source ERP is used to make apps, websites, etc. for many different purposes. We can make one digitalize our product so that we can reach out to worldwide customers. There are mainly three challenges when we think about making our own online shopping site. The first is to make one. The second is to manage the stocks and customer’s order details. And last is to analyze the market values of our product.

Odoo provides a digital environment in which one can make the desired online shopping site with just a few right clicks. 

Note: Read about the drag and drop feature to know more about available things in Odoo. [Click here]


Online shopping is not the only thing that coming eCommerce. Odoo has more features that add remarkable achievements to digital marketing sites. Beautifully designed Odoo made apps/sites add five stars to our business and customer’s needs can be managed easily.  

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The main purpose is to make an e-commerce site using Odoo. Just follow some steps and make it more comfortable to use.

  • This is the first contact with future customers from any search engine.

  • It is the easiest way to expand your business worldwide.

  • Statistics - It gives a proper graph of customer engagement, sales, visitors, and daily up-gradation.

Why do we use Odoo for an eCommerce website?

  1. It is super easy, super fast  

  2. Fully integrated with other apps of Odoo

  3. Access multiple websites with the same or different URL or Domain name.

  4. It provides new configuration bars and new building blocks. 

  5. Odoo users can also customize the themes which make the website more attractive.

Guidelines to create Odoo e-commerce website:

Step 1.  Go to Website >Configuration >Settings

Step 2.  Modify your website title, name, icon, language, customer account and so on

Step 3.  Edit product settings, shipping, orders follow-up, etc. And click on *Save*

Step 4. Go to the product in the title bar then choose some of your products and add product variant values. 

Step 5. Now your website is ready but let’s add some building blocks with contents matching to your products. 

Step 6.  Add images with the link to the product description. 

Step 7.  Your eCommerce website is ready to use.

Step 8. You can also further customize your eCommerce website with various features listed below.